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We offer support, advice and the most advanced technology to help you achieve your best vision without glasses or contacts. Click here for more information about Laser Eye Surgery options.

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Enjoy a life free from glasses and contact lenses

Your journey to visual freedom may be shorter, simpler and more comfortable than you think with Laser Vision SA. No referral required!

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Contact us on (08) 8359 2422 or make an appointment. We will guide you along your journey to freedom through vision correction, just as we have helped thousands like you.

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Visit our Adelaide CBD rooms for a FREE no obligation appointment to learn your options to improve your vision with our unique technology

3. Enjoy the benefits

Enjoy freedom without the hindrance of contact lenses or glasses to make the most of your life and your vision.

Adelaide’s longest experience with modern laser vision correction including All Laser LASIK and now SMILE Pro.

If you are considering Laser Eye Surgery we provide the guidance, support and the technologies to help you achieve the best vision possible without glasses or contacts. We understand you! You want to simply wake up and see without ongoing discomfort, inconvenience, and costs of glasses or contacts. You want to see with 21st Century technology. You want confidence in your team. Laser Vision SA is here to give you all of this. 

Laser Vision SA's Dr Fraenkel first performed LASIK in 1988, was the first in Adelaide to offer all laser LASIK in 2012, SMILE in 2014, and has performed more SMILE procedures than any other Australian or New Zealand surgeon.

Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?

98% of people wearing glasses or contacts for whatever reason can have their vision improved with laser vision correction at Laser Vision SA. Laser Vision SA can help you if you are short sighted, long sighted, have astigmatism, or simply just need reading glasses.

Laser Vision SA can advise you about the best vision correction technologies for you, how we will help on your journey to better vision with support and guidance every step of the way.

With the help of Laser Vision SA your journey may be shorter, simpler and much more comfortable than you think!

First step? Simply fill out our enquiry form or call 08 83592422.

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Costs of Laser Eye Surgery?

Vision correction is not cheap. However if you consider the ongoing costs of spectacles and contacts, and the value of restoring your vision, and freedom from optical aids, many people decide vision correction is well worth it.

Your initial and ongoing consultations are at no cost to you.

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Very clear and helpful staff, procedure was very well managed with all the steps very well explained during process.

Excellent pre and post op care. Efficient, friendly and well educated staff and ran on time.

Friendly staff and Dr Fraenkel was wonderful the whole procedure. I felt safe.

The surgery was very easy. Other patients encouraged each other in the waiting room and there was little to no stress at all

I felt fully aware and informed of what to expect.

I loved the holistic service, knowledgeable Doctor, thorough checks and care, easy appointments, lovely staff... the list goes on...

Obligation Free Assessment

Almost all patients want to know their suitability for laser vision correction before anything else. Take the first steps!

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Although the original SMILE procedure is fast and painless, SMILE Pro is even faster and more comfortable for patients.

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Masks and eye problems

Masks and eye problems

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Your journey to visual freedom

Your 4 step journey to visual freedom may be shorter, simpler and more comfortable than you think with Laser Vision SA. No referral required!

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Diagnostic tests

These help confirm your suitability for vision correction and which type may be best for your needs

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Consultation to discuss your needs and best vision correction solutions.

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A vision day procedure based on your choice of the options offered to you

Lvsa icon review


Day one and one month after your vision correction procedure.