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About Laser Vision SA

At Laser Vision SA we are here to help you with care, guidance and technology on your way to becoming a Vision Hero, recovering the vision you earlier lost, to find your visual freedom.

Laser Vision SA exists to help you achieve the best vision possible without glasses or contacts. We understand you may find the idea of laser eye surgery daunting. 

Laser Vision SA is here to provide you with information about the best procedures for you, and what you can expect on your journey to better vision, becoming a vision Hero to maximise your freedom and make the most of your life and your journey. 

We excel in providing the highest standards of surgical excellence, with genuine care and service.

Laser Vision SA has been at the forefront of vision restoration technology in Adelaide since 1996. We introduced Adelaide's first laser biometer and OPD scan, which help to accurately measure your eye, as well as the current generation artificial lenses for astigmatism.

Then, we again led the way in 2012 with Adelaide's first all laser LASIK procedure and again in 2014 with SMILE laser eye surgery. In fact our eye surgeon, Dr Graham Fraenkel, has now performed more SMILE procedures than any other in Australia or New Zealand.

Our state-of the art laser suite meets the highest technical standards without being too cold or clinical. 

Patient well-being is, of course, paramount. At Laser Vision SA we are very proud to be one of the few medical practices in SA - of any type - to be ISO 9001 accredited for both consultations and procedures.

ISO 9001 is an internationally approved quality assurance system that gives you confidence that at Laser Vision SA all procedures and protocols are in place and constantly audited for the utmost safety of your vision.