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“No Needle” cataract surgery

“No Needle” cataract surgery is performed with no needles or injections around the eye and no eye patch after.

In “No Needle” cataract surgery, no needles or injections are used around the eyes, which most patients strongly prefer. No needles around the eye avoids the small risk of inadvertent needle penetration of the eye, optic nerve or arteries and veins around the eye.

No needle cataract surgery also means the eye muscles are not paralysed after cataract surgery so an occlusive patch does not need to be worn over the eye. This is particularly important for people with poor vision in the other eye or at risk of falls. 

Patients with white mature cataracts and non-English speaking patients can still have “no needle” cataract surgery.

Patients who have had significant eye trauma may require needle anaesthesia around the eye to completely immobilise the eye if it is thought previous traumatic damage to the eye increases the risk of complicated cataract surgery.