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What is a cataract?

A cataract is when the focusing lens behind your pupil goes from clear to cloudy giving cloudy, blurry or glary vision.

Your eye works a lot like a camera, using a lens to focus on an image.

The lens inside your eye behind the pupil can become foggy due to age or other reasons. This condition is known as cataract. Cataract blocks or scatters light as it passes through your eye, making it harder for you to see. More than 70% of Australians over 49 years of age will be affected by cataract or need cataract surgery in the next decade.

When your cataract interferes with your vision such that you cannot perform certain tasks with ease, a cataract procedure may be recommended.

  • A cataract needs to be removed when it affects your everyday activities, like driving, reading, or watching television.
  • Cataract removal is one of the most common and safest operations performed by Ophthalmologists
  • After the cloudy lens is removed, the ophthalmologist will replace it with a new, clear intraocular lens.
  • Although you cannot feel or see your new lens, it will help improve your vision.

This lens stays in your eye, maintenance free, forever without rejection and hardly ever degrades. This means the operation rarely needs to be repeated.

Laser Vision SA specialises in performing cataract surgery without needles or injections around the eye, and no patch over the eye afterwards.  We do use sedation so you are relaxed and comforatable and drops to make the eye numb.

Our fully accredited surgicentre, The Glen Osmond Surgicentre, where only lens procedures are performed ensures staff, procedures and protocols are specifically optimised for lens procedures to provide the best possible experience and result for your cataract surgery.

At Laser Vision SA we offer

  • Cataract day surgery
  • "No needle, no injection" cataract surgery with anaesthetic drops and mild sedation
  • You can usually go home an hour later without a patch over the eye and vision improves rapidly
  • Monofocal, toric, multifocal lens implants and monovision to reduce dependance after cataract surgery on glasses for distance and/or near tasks.
  • Lenstar and IOL Master laser biometry to increase your ability to achieve the vision you want after cataract surgery.