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Why Choose LVSA for your Cataract Surgery

Dr Graham Fraenkel has performed over 20,000 cataract procedures , the majority under topical anaesthesia, which means no needles or injections around the eye and no need to block vision with an eye patch after.

Cataract surgery is performed at the Glen Osmond Surgicentre, a fully accredited day surgery specialising in the provision of lens surgery services only, to maximise the cataract surgical experience and results for patients. No other procedures are performed at the Glen Osmond Surgicentre ie no endoscopy or plastics, to enhance the provision of equipment and protocols purely for cataract surgery.

LVSA has the full suite of diagnostics prior to your cataract surgery to ensure the best chance you can enjoy the best vision after your cataract surgery. These include two different laser biometers, topography, tomography, OCT scanning, and wavefront aberrometry.

Dr Fraenkel is one of Adelaide's most experienced eye surgeons with Fellowships in Cataract and Refractive Surgery from London and Sydney, as well as postgraduate qualifications in refractive surgery from Sydney and Ulster.

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Experience & Expertise

Dr Graham Fraenkel, Ophthalmologist

  • First to perform laser assisted cataract surgery in Adelaide
  • First in Adelaide using current generation open loop toric lens implants for astigmatism and trifocal IOLs during cataract surgery
  • Member of American and European Societies of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Attends international cataract and refractive surgery meetings regularly 
  • Successfully completed two post graduate year long subspecialty Fellowship training positions in cataract and refractive surgery (Sydney and London)
  • Successfully completed two postgraduate University (Sydney and Ulster) qualifications in Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Manages all aspects including sterilisation of the fully accredited Glen Osmond Surgicentre day surgery to optimise surgical experience and results for his patients