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How much does it cost?

Adelaide's most experience with modern laser vision correction including SMILE Pro and all laser Lasik.

Not all laser vision correction or laser eye surgery is the same.  Whilst cost is a factor when determining the right option for you and your eye's it is important to consider the experience and outcomes of the surgeon performing your procedureDr Graham Fraenkel, Ophthalmologist and Medical Director at Laser Vision SA tops the Australia / New Zealand leader board and has performed more than 3,800 SMILE procedures - more than any other AUS/NZ surgeon.

Our prices are clear and transparent


Your upfront fee includes the procedure, postoperative drops and consultations, as well as a 5-year enhancement guarantee.  Compare this to the better vision you can enjoy for the rest of your life  and to the life-time cost of glasses and contact lenses.

You may say that refractive surgery is expensive, and certainly the cost for us to do it is expensive, but it’s less expensive even for the patients over time when compared to wearing glasses or contact lenses, which require constant reinvestment

We think of the cost of Laser Eye treatment as like buying your vision instead of renting it.

Vision correction per eye is:

  • PRK $2,500
  • LASIK $3,200
  • SMILE PRO $3,400
  • Clear lens extraction $3,550
  • Phakic IOL implantation $5,000

These include all procedure and after costs including your drops and appointments as well as a 5 year enhancement guarantee.

What else can you think of you will enjoy every waking minute of every day for the rest of your life?

One upfront payment or a lifetime of ongoing costs?

Laser Vision Correction may be cheaper than you thought!

The investment you make in laser eye surgery results in not only better vision, but the potential of total freedom from glasses or contact lenses, it can also save you money.

Laser Eye Surgery is an all inclusive, one-time investment in your vision and your professional or sporting life.

From a financial standpoint, laser eye surgery makes sense when you consider how much glasses and contacts add up to over a lifetime. Your actual saving will vary based on your personal situation, e.g. glasses, lenses, or both; how often you require a new prescription; maintenance solutions; etc.

Try our Cost Calculator and see yourself how much laser eye surgery could potentially save you.

Of course cost is not the only or most important benefit - in the end, it’s hard to quantify the value of being able to see clearly.