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Cataract Surgery Cost

Laser Vision SA understands your eyes are very important to you, that’s why we offer LensAR technology for a laser assisted cataract procedure.

Medicare or private health insurance pays for most and sometimes all of the cost of traditional manual cataract procedures with out of pocket expenses ranging from $0 - $470 depending on your health cover. Laser Vision SA also caters for self funded cataract surgery which can be discussed at the time of your consultation.

The LensAR system offered at Laser Vision SA is the latest available laser cataract surgery technology in Australia. It incurs an additional $950 out of pocket expense.

Like many new technologies that assist the quality and outcomes of surgical procedures, eg the Da Vinci surgical robot or laser for prostate surgery,  the additional cost of Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery cannot be recovered from Medicare or your private health insurer.

The cost of LensAR is in addition to the normal gaps and any insurance excess you would pay as a privately insured patient or as a self funded patient for a traditional cataract procedure.

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