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What you need to know

Laser Vision SA is here to provide you with information about what you can expect on your journey to better vision

Laser Procedures Explained

Dr Graham Fraenkel explains the difference between the three generations of Laser Eye Surgery available at Laser Vision SA.

How does laser vision Correction help you see better?

Laser vision correction alters the curvature and therefore focussing of your cornea.

Your cornea is the clear dome on the front of your eye, overlying the coloured iris and dark central pupil. You can think of the cornea as the distance lens of the eye.

Your Consultation Process

You are an individual. Your vision needs for your lifestyle will be unique.

Your history will be unique. So we start with a few basic questions for you to answer letting us know about your medical history, any past eye problems apart from glasses or contacts.

About your procedure

Whilst every type of eye procedure is different, and every patient is different what every patient has in common is how well the numbing (anaesthetic) drops work to make your eye pain free. You might feel a little pressure on or a little water around your eye. To feel any actual discomfort is rare.

Choosing your laser eye surgeon: Questions to ask

You should choose an eye surgeon for your vision improvement with whom you feel comfortable and safe. They should give you many opportunities to ask questions and as much information in writing as possible.

You should also have confidence that in the rare event of any postoperative concerns, they and their team will do all they can to get you the best vision as soon as possible and understand your concerns along the way.