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Your Consultation Process

You are an individual. Your vision needs for your lifestyle will be unique. 

Your history will be unique. So we start with a few basic questions for you to answer letting us know about your medical history, any past eye problems apart from glasses or contacts.

When you come to Laser Vision SA for an appointment, we will test your vision and glasses. Then we will perform a range of tests and scans to ensure laser eye surgery is a good choice for you and which type may be best for you. Don't worry, 98% of people are suitable for laser vision correction. You are likely to be too. We just want to be sure.

Then, depending on the type of appointment you have made, we will contact you later to confirm you suitability for laser vision correction and which type would best help you recover your vision, or you will go through to see Dr Fraenkel.

Dr Fraenkel will talk with you about your lifestyle and the vision that best would help you, the best procedure to help you, and will check your spectacle prescription and eyes. There will be lots of opportunities to ask lots of questions. Feel free to write them down and bring someone with you as an "extra pair of ears" as well as any person you wish to help you in making any decisions about improving your vision.

At the end Dr Fraenkel will provide you with an informed consent that will give you more detail about the small risks and the benefits of laser eye surgery.

Frequent questions about the procedure

At Laser Vision SA we offer all three generations of vision correction. 1st generation PRK/ also known as surface laser, 2nd generation Lasik and 3rd generation SMILE: the most advanced in Laser vision technology.

Patients spend approximately 10 minutes in the laser suite, most of that time is getting patients comfortable on the laser bed.

The vast majority of patients can return to normal daily duties the following day. If you have had Lasik or SMILE, legally you can drive 24 hours after their procedure has been performed. If you have had PRK, just waiting a couple days longer till you can drive.

Yes Dr Fraenkel will almost always see you at your first day 1 consultation less than 24 hours after your laser vision correction. He may then delegate some of your aftercare to another clinically qualified member of LVSA staff, but will always be next door if there are any concerns. In addition Dr Fraenkel is available during office hours through Laser Vision SA, and after hours via an emergency after hours care number you will be provided with in your post laser instructions.