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Lasik Laser Vision Correction

Lasik is the world’s most commonly performed laser vision correction procedure

LASIK laser eye surgery

LASIK is a tried and true method of laser eye surgery. LASIK laser eye surgery may be used for short sightedness / myopia, long sightedness / hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia (reading glasses).

LASIK may correct vision for people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism.

The first of two lasers used in LASIK laser eye surgery creates a thin flap of tissue on your cornea, the clear front of your eye. A painless second laser is then applied under this flap to change the focus of your eye. The flap is then safely replaced. No stitches, glues or contact lenses are required.

LASIK speeds the recovery of vision after laser eye surgery compared with PRK or surface laser, allowing you to return to your normal activities faster. Compared with PRK it may also result in less discomfort, as the surface of your eye (corneal epithelium) is preserved.

The dimensions and thickness of the corneal flap are critical to a successful procedure. VisuMax delivers micron-level accuracy that is 100 percent greater than the hand-held blade. This allows us to tailor the shape and depth of the corneal flap for each individual eye. Many people with thin, flat or irregular-shaped corneas are now suitable for laser vision correction.

All laser LASIK may allow the corneal flap to bond snuggly back into the surface of the eye with greater strength. Greater precision and faster healing may increase the safety factor for any eye surgeons compared with the hand-held oscillating blade.

All laser LASIK laser eye surgery at Laser Vision SA was a first for Adelaide. It is the preferred choice for thousands of patients around the world being silent and gentler on the eye than a hand-held oscillating blade. As the most advanced technology for laser vision correction all laser LASIK with over VISUMAX laser gives you greater confidence and assurance for outstanding results.