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PRK Laser Vision Correction

PRK, otherwise known as surface laser ablation (SLA) or advanced surface laser ablation (ASLA) is the original laser vision correction procedure.

PRK involves the removal of a surface layer of the front of your eye (the cornea) to allow placement of laser correction of your focus. 

This is the simplest laser vision correction procedure, but involves a longer period of visual recovery and possibly discomfort as the surface layer or your cornea grows back.

PRK involves numbing the surface of your eye with anaesthetic drops, then removing the thin skin over the surface of your cornea. Next, the excimer laser is used to refocus of your cornea to correct your vision

PRK is performed generally a little less often now, as whilst the skin over your cornea heals, there may be more discomfort and more blurred vision. However in certain situations, PRK may still be the best procedure for you to achieve your goal of good vision without glasses in the safest way.