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SMILE® Laser Vision Correction

SMILE is the most modern, least invasive vision correction technology for shortsightedness (myopia). SMILE is quicker and more comfortable than you might imagine!

Minimally invasive laser eye surgery. 

No noise • No smell • No flap • Less dry eye • One laser only 

SMILE® , the world's fastest growing laser eye surgery takes just 25 seconds of invisible "cold" laser. You don't see, feel, hear or smell the laser - leaving your eye less at risk of dry eye and potentially stronger than other laser eye surgery treatments.  SMILE® is quick and comfortable to receive. 

  • Intrastromal lenticule extraction
  • 25 seconds only of invisible (cold) laser you cannot see, feel, hear or smell
  • Gentle
  • No flap (unlike LASIK® ) so no flap complications
  • possible 12 minutes total time in laser suite
  • most patients say SMILE® is more quick and comfortable than they expected!

Features of SMILE®

SMILE eye laser surgery combines the safety and simplicity of PRK with even faster return to normal activities than LASIK!

PRK has the safety of no LASIK flap, but return to normal activities such as driving may take up to one week.

SMILE combines no flap technology with the ability for 99% of patients to drive the very next day without glasses or contacts.

Minimally invasive SMILE® laser vision, unlike LASIK, has no flap of corneal tissue on the front of your eye.

SMILE uses only a 2mm micro-tunnel compared with the 18 mm corneal incision in LASIK, making SMILE® a truly micro incision vision correction procedure. This also may mean less change your corneal strength, less dry eye and better quality of vision with a larger true optical zone after SMILE compared with Lasik or PRK/Surface Laser.

SMILE uses the latest laser technology. Each laser pulse lasts order of 10 superscript -10 seconds! The laser passes through your corneal surface so it does not need to be removed as it does for PRK and LASIK. The carefully controlled laser creates a treatment unique for each eye. However, no matter how strong your myopic prescription, the treatment time is always the same!

Laser Vision SA has been performing SMILE® vision correction since 2014. 

To explore SMILE® vision correction, contact our office and one of our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

SMILE® is suitable for patients who are short-sighted or have astigmatism

SMILE® vision correction does produce fantastic results for near or short sighted patients with a prescription from -.75 to -12.5 D spherical equivalent ( = sphere + (cylinder/2) ).

The Three Steps of Smile

Step 1

Step 1


The Zeiss Visumax laser creates a 0.1 mm lens shaped layer (the “lenticule”) within your cornea without any blades. This takes only 2-3 seconds and there is no sound, smell or vision loss during the procedure. The shape of the lenticule is specific for your exact visual needs and is as thin as cling wrap.

Step 2

Step 2


The very thin lenticule is then removed through a peripheral microtunnel access point in your cornea to achieve the change in focus you need to meet your visual needs.

Step 3

Step 3


This minimally invasive procedure changes the shape of the cornea, correcting the refractive error of the eye. There is no removal of the surface skin of the eye and no flap created or lifted. There is less structural change in the cornea compared to other laser vision correction methods.

Dr Fraenkel has performed more SMILE laser eye surgery procedures than any other eye surgeon in Australia and New Zealand

Dr Fraenkel loves the procedure so much he even chose SMILE for his own vision correction - see the video of Dr Fraenkel's own SMILE procedure here.