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About the Procedure

95% of patients are legal to drive the next day without glasses and most could return to work if they wished.

Different procedures are scheduled for different times of the week, depending on the support requirements. Lasik and SMILE laser vision correction is usually performed on Thursday afternoons. 95% of patients are legal to drive the next day without glasses and most could return to work if they wished. But most wish to take the Friday off to ensure complete recovery before returning to office work on the Monday. Patients working in hospitality can often return to work the Saturday night after.

Patients having clear lens extraction or ICL insertion would do so on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

  • Before The Procedure
    Before The Procedure

    Before Lasik or SMILE laser vision correction, there is no need to fast. Eat a good lunch, as any hunger may just add to the natural anxiety we understand you will feel prior to your procedure. You take your eyes and vision seriously. We understand this - we take them every bit as seriously as you do. Fasting requirements and any preoperative drops before clear lens extraction or ICL implantation will be discussed at the time of booking your procedure.

  • The Procedure
    The Procedure

    For your Lasik or SMILE laser vision correction procedure, you will be with us for approximately 30-40 minutes, although only about 15 minutes of that time will be in the laser suite, of which total laser time will be only 15-30 seconds for each eye for each of the two laser treatments.

    You wont see, hear, feel or smell the treatment on your eye! You will be given strong anaesthetic drops before the procedure, so it is virtually painless.

  • After The Procedure
    After The Procedure

    After laser vision correction you will rest with us for 15 mintues before a brief final discussion of the immediate after care requirements - and then home! We strongly recommend that immediately on arriving home you go to sleep for 3-4 hours to allow your eyes to recover as quickly as possible. We give most patients a sleeping tablet before their procedure starts to allow them to be ready for sleep when they get home. We then suggest most patients wake up, have dinner, another set of eye drops, another sleeping tablet and then sleep through to the morning prior to your next day consultation with us.

    The more you sleep after your procedure, the better your eyes will feel and see the next day. We will then routinely see you at one week, one and three months and one year.