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Myths & Misconceptions

Making the first phone call really is the hardest part

When we see post-operative patients for their review appointments, most of them admit that the biggest stumbling block was making that first phone call to find out more information and book an appointment. Because of the quick, safe and convenient nature of laser vision correction patients are always kicking themselves that they didn’t ‘take the leap’ earlier.

There are many misconceptions about laser vision correction surgery and we’re here to help bust the most common myths once and for all.

The results aren't permanent

Long-term studies have demonstrated that once the shape of the cornea is changed to correct vision, the change is permanent. As the eye is a living organ and alters over the years, just as the rest of the body does, there may be some degree of alteration although likely to be very small. On average this is half a dioptre every decade.

Virtually painless

Thanks to the incredible precision of the lasers used, there is very little pain to the eye during operation. There are no big needles and a common concern from patients is how much pain they will endure. The answer is simple, very little. Aside from some general discomfort there is little to no pain felt during the Lasik or SMILE laser vision corrective procedure.

100% all laser procedure

Patients often associate surgery with blades and incisions. Lasik vision correction is a 100% all laser, blade free procedure that has been performed in over 4 million procedures worldwide. It uses incredible precision technology that has evolved far beyond the vision correction practises of old. SMILE vision correction utilises only one laser to create a precise microtunnel, without the need to create a corneal flap as required in traditional Lasik surgery.

Back to work the next day

A common question we’re asked is how long you must be away from work for a full recovery. The surprising truth is that you are free to return to work as early as the next day. Most patients take the opportunity to take a day off and allow themselves some much deserved r and r, but recovery is very quick, effective and the whole procedure is often more convenient than people first think.

15 minute procedure

Although we advise our patients that they can expect to be at our practice for up to an hour, the procedure itself makes up a very small period of that time. Once in the laser suite itself, the procedure is generally completed within just 15 minutes. Then after some rest and relaxation in our purpose built recovery suite patients are free to start their journey home.

It's only for short-sighted people

The advancements in laser technology means that vision correction procedures can be performed on those who are short-sighted, long-sighted, have an astigmatism or for those over the age of 45 dependant on reading glasses.