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SMILE Laser Vision Correction

The new revolution with minimally invasive SMILE vision correction has arrived exclusively at Laser Vision SA

Laser Vision SA now performs SMILE Vision Correction. SMILE uses an invisible laser taking 23 seconds for vision correction with no flap. SMILE is the fastest growing vision correction procedure in the world today.

SMILE vision correction can produce fantastic results for near or short sighted patients with a prescription from -1.0 to -12.5 D spherical equivalent ( = sphere + (cylinder/2) ).

To discover your suitability for SMILE vision correction contact our office or submit an online enquiry and one of our staff will contact you directly.

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If you are wondering about a consultation for suitability for laser vision correction or for assessment of your cataract, please call us on 08 8359 2422 or complete the enquiry form. For Laser vision correction, your consultation valued at $200, is complimentary and is the most comprehensive eye examination you can have to find out if you are suitable.


    SMILE uses one silent, odourless, safe and gentle laser to create a lens shape within your cornea (the clear front lens on the outside of your eye) without any blades taking only 2 to 3 seconds. The lens is then removed through a very small (< 4mm) laser created corneal microtunnel to correct your vision. It’s that simple to SMILE!


    Compared with Lasik, minimally invasive SMILE laser vision correction means there is no need to create a flap of corneal tissue on the front of your eye.


    There is no sound, slight odour, brief loss of vision or need to change lasers as occurs with Lasik. The corneal microtunnel is 80% smaller than the Lasik flap, making SMILE a truly microincision vision correction procedure.  In addition there is the potential for far less change to the strength of your cornea, less dry eye and better quality of vision with a larger true optical zone with SMILE compared with Lasik or PRK Surface Laser.


    Advanced technology combined with high standards of care ensures the best possible experience and outcomes for every patient.

    With SMILE – less is truly more. This is why Dr Fraenkel chose to have SMILE for his own personal laser vision correction procedure in December 2014.

SMILE Laser Correction Exclusive to Laser Vision SA

Vision Correction refocuses your eye so that it correctly and sharply focuses images. It involves the addition or removal of a lens shape to refocus your eye.

Step 1

SMILE Laser Vision Correction

The Zeiss Visumax laser creates a 0.1 mm lens shaped layer (the “lenticule”) within your cornea without any blades. This takes only 2-3 seconds and there is no sound, smell or vision loss during the procedure. The shape of the lenticule is specific for your exact visual needs and is as thin as cling wrap.

Step 2

SMILE Laser Vision Correction

The very thin lenticule is then removed through a peripheral microtunnel access point in your cornea to achieve the change in focus you need to meet your visual needs.

Step 3

SMILE Laser Vision Correction

This minimally invasive procedure changes the shape of the cornea, correcting the refractive error of the eye. There is no removal of the surface skin of the eye and no flap created or lifted. There is less structural change in the cornea compared to other laser vision correction methods.


Lasers 1 visumax only 2 including excimer I excimer
“Incision” size 3mm microtunnel 20mm circumference flap 8mm diameter surface removal
Preservation corneal epithelium
Moved between lasers
Cornea nerves cut 85% less than LASIK
Eye make-up after One day One week One week
Swimming after 48 hours One week One week
Contact sports after One week Two weeks One week
Flap related complications none Very rare but can occur none
Effective optical zone Bigger for better night vision Good night vision Good night vision

Real-Time SMILE Procedure

Our counterparts at London Vision Clinic created a fantastic real-time video of the SMILE procedure, highlighting the incredible technology and speed in which SMILE can change your life for the better.

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