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May 18 2016

Laser Vision SA - Adelaide Fitness Expo 2016

Laser Vision SA recently attended the Adelaide Fitness Expo 2016 with a stand.  Dr Fraenkel was there to answer all questions regarding patients suitability and conveyed the message that the procedure is Safe, Affordable and convenient. 95% of people between the ages of 18 and 50 who wear glasses or contact lenses are suitable for Laser Vision Correction.  Even if they have astigmatism....

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February 19 2016

ZEISS Now Gives you -12.5 Reasons to SMILE!

SMILE laser vision correction has revolutionised laser eye surgery by being able to correct high levels of short sightedness (myopia) previously not commonly treated with laser. And now thanks to ZEISS, SMILE is able to treat patients with higher levels of myopia (-10D) and astigmatism (-5D) with an overall treatment potential of -12.5D. This means SMILE vision correction can help remove or...

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July 28 2015

Dr Graham Fraenkel’s SMILE Procedure

In December 2014, Laser Vision SA's Dr Graham Fraenkel received SMILE laser vision correction to remove his dependency on glasses and contact lenses. He has experienced fantastic post-operative results enabling him to carry out all of his daily activities, including precision vision correction procedures, with great success. You can watch Dr Fraenkel's surgery being performed below.

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June 25 2015

ZEISS Announce 80,000 SMILE Procedures Worldwide

Two years after its international launch, the SMILE procedure developed by ZEISS has become the third generation of laser vision correction. More than 80,000 eyes worldwide have now been successfully treated using the micro-invasive method which offers improved predictability of the vision correction outcome without the need to create a corneal flap. Laser Vision SA has performed over 100 SMILE...

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May 22 2015

Dr Graham Fraenkel working with The Fred Hollows Foundation

Laser Vision SA's very own Dr Graham Fraenkel worked alongside and supported the Fred Hollows Foundation and all of their incredible endeavors in Vietnam. The video highlights the excellent work of the Foundation and offers an insight into the enormity of Fred Hollow's legacy.

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