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June 21 2019

Zeiss - Training the Trainers at Laser Vision SA

Last Thursday Laser Vision SA proudly hosted Zeiss, who are the manufacturers of our laser vision correction equipment including for SMILE. Zeiss are a German company renowned for their precision optical engineering. They are generally known for their precision spectacle and camera lenses as well as binoculars and microscopes. Laser Vision SA is very proud that Zeiss chose Laser Vision SA as a si...

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April 08 2019

Parking is Easy

There is ample on-street parking near to Laser Vision SA on Pirie St and Hindmarsh Square adjacent 169 Pirie Street. The City of Adelaide’s Park Adelaide app, designed to make it even easier for people to visit and park in the city, is now live. The City of Adelaide's new mobile app, Park Adelaide, gives you accurate real-time parking information. Use the Park Adelaide app to...

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March 21 2019

High myopic correction

Results of corneal refractive surgery improving in the treatment of high myopia. Newer technologies and knowledge gained from experience are improving the results of corneal refractive surgery in moderate to high myopia, reports Jodhbir S Mehta MD, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore. Download this article Reference: ...

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December 04 2018

Quality Assurance

Dr Graham Fraenkel performs cataract surgery at the Glen Osmond Surgicentre. Dr Fraenkel is very pleased to announce the Glen Osmond Surgicentre, in November 2018, received full reaccreditation against the NSQHS and ISO 9001:2016 standards of Quality Assurance. In particular the Glen Osmond Surgicentre was awarded 4 “Met with Merits” reflecting the Glen Osmond Surgicentre’s outs...

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November 12 2018

OCT Screening

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) All patients want reassurance their corneas are suitable for laser vision correction. The cornea is the clear dome on the front of your eye, overlying coloured iris and dark pupil and represents the distance lens of your eye. In laser vision correction, to improve your distance vision, we reshape your cornea to refocus it. But first we need to assess your cornea...

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