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Enhancement after LASIK

Residual prescription error after Lasik can be treated by lifting the lasik flap. In many clinics however, after the first year, PRK (surface) laser may be offered as the flap is thought to be harder to lift. A new report confirms the ability to lift the flap out to a maximum in one patient of 18.7 years. The oldest patient was 79 years of age! Though the older the Lasik flap, the increased risk of epithelial ingrowth after secondary flap lift, this only occurred in patients whose Lasik was more than 10 years old and was originally. performed with earlier microkeratome technology in this article. Other non PRK options for Lasik retreat include sidecuts with the femtosecond laser such as we have at LVSA.

Ref: Flap-Lift LASIK 10 or More Years After Primary LASIK. Caster AI. J Refract Surg: 2018;34(9):604-609.