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Enhancement after SMILE®

All laser vision correction procedures have a low percentage of patients who need a little more laser after their first procedure to tweak their vision. At LVSA we have had an enhancement rate after SMILE® of less than 3%.

We have been enhancing SMILE using “Thin flap Lasik” for some time now. It is pleasing to see a lead article from a major London clinic in a major journal supporting our practice of “Thin flap Lasik” as the best way to enhance any small residual prescription error after SMILE.

Their enhancement rate is 4.4% so it is good to know the LVSA enhancement rate compares well with leading centres internationally.

Ref: Outcomes of Re-treatment by LASIK after SMILE Reinstein DZ, Carp GI, Archer, TJ, Visa RS. J Refract Surg. 2018;34(9):578-588