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The latest in laser eye technology - VISUMAX® 800, the newest generation of ZEISS femtosecond lasers

Laser Vision SA has become the first practice in South Australia to provide SMILE Pro laser eye surgery for people wishing to enjoy life without glasses.

Although the original SMILE procedure is fast and painless, SMILE Pro is even faster and more comfortable for patients.

  • SMILE Pro incorporates a faster laser so laser time is reduced by approximately half to one third of the previous laser used for SMILE
  • The laser used is smaller with no “bridge” patients have to slide under, perfect for those who are concerned about a claustrophobic experience with other lasers.
  • This means a shorter period of time that the laser is close to the eye
  • In turn patients have a more comfortable experience with SMILE Pro.
  • As the new laser for SMILE Pro has a different configuration, patients who feel claustrophobic tolerate the new laser for SMILE Pro significantly better
  • SMILE Pro compensates for rotation of the eye, which is particular important for astigmatism correction, for which better results are anticipated with SMILE Pro

Laser Vision SA’s Medical Director says Laser Vision SA has become the first practice in South Australia to provide SMILE Pro laser eye surgery for people wishing to enjoy life without glasses.

Small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) surgery  is a minimally invasive laser eye surgery used to treat short sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. SMILE Pro refocuses eyes to create clear vision without glasses or contacts by reshaping the distance lens of the eye, known as the cornea. The cornea is the clear window on the front of the eye.

The original SMILE procedure was created to provide a faster, safer, stronger and more comfortable form of laser vision correction. SMILE also proved to have less risk of dry eye after. SMILE Pro is even faster and more comfortable. The laser part of the procedure is now down to 10 seconds only. The laser is invisible and patients do not hear, see, feel or smell it.

The laser itself is the newest Zeiss VIsumax® 800. Each laser pulse last only 1/10 (-15) of a second! The VM800 is faster and more accurate than the previous VM500. Another important improvement is now patients lie alongside rather than under the laser for their treatment. This is a great advantage for those with concerns about any claustrophobia. The VM800 is still easily accessible for those with a disability.

Laser Vision SA has very strong history of bringing technical firsts to South Australia for the improvement of their patients’ vision. These firsts include first laser biometer, first all laser LASIK, first SMILE and now first SMILE Pro.

Dr Fraenkel, Medical Director at Laser Vision SA has performed more SMILE procedures than any other Australian or New Zealand eye surgeon. Dr Fraenkel says

“Laser Vision SA is very proud and excited to bring this new frontier in eye laser surgery to South Australia, well ahead of many other parts of the country. SMILE Pro represents our continued commitment to provide our patients with the best technology, experience and outcomes that can be found anywhere, right here in South Australia.”