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OCT Screening

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

All patients want reassurance their corneas are suitable for laser vision correction. The cornea is the clear dome on the front of your eye, overlying coloured iris and dark pupil and represents the distance lens of your eye. In laser vision correction, to improve your distance vision, we reshape your cornea to refocus it. But first we need to assess your cornea. Part of this analysis is the shape of the back of your cornea.

There are two ways to analyse the back of your cornea. One is called “Scheimpflug analysis”. More recently OCT analysis has been shown to provide more reliable measurements of your corneas.

Patients at Laser Vision SA can be reassured that ALL patients considering laser vision correction receive BOTH Scheimpflug AND OCT assessment of their corneas. Combining both provides the best analysis to reassure you of your suitability for laser vision correction.

Reference: Chan TCY, Biswas S, Yu M, Jhanji V. Longitudinal evaluation of cornea with swept-source optical coherence tomography and Scheimpflug imagin before and after Lasik. Medicine (Baltimore) 2015;94: e1219