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Spring is the Season of Hayfever for Sensitive Eyes

Spring has arrived. For many, Spring means hay fever. With hay fever can come irritated, itching, burning or tearing eyes. Then contact lens wear may become so uncomfortable, difficult and frustrating. In addition, contact lenses can retain the small proteins initiating stronger allergic responses, your symptoms. So it’s back to glasses. With masks that means foggy vision as well as all those eye irritations!

Solution? Perhaps laser vision correction to lose the contacts or glasses. Many believe hay fever time is a bad time to get laser vision correction. This is not correct. Unless the ocular allergy is very bad, laser vision correction may often be safely performed during hay fever season.

Note whilst laser vision correction cannot cure the allergies, reducing the need for optical appliances such as glasses or contacts does decrease the difficulties that ocular allergy symptoms create, as well as the difficulties pandemic masks create.

Spring and allergy season are therefore a great time to start thinking about laser vision correction. And 98% of people are suitable and in the long run laser vision correction saves money over glasses and contacts. Meanwhile not only are hayfever symptoms easier to deal with, think about the summer fun coming. Late nights, swimming, water sports and fun –without the hassle of glasses and contact lenses and with the confidence you can see well, whatever the situation you find yourself in.

Thinking spring? Think time to swop out those glasses or contacts for vision correction instead.