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Surfing with contact lenses: yes or no?

Many surfers paddle out wearing contact lenses. But is that a safe practice? And if not, what are the risks involved?

Water, wind, sun, and sand - surfers are overexposed to the elements and quite often for an extended period of time.

Surfing is often done in windy conditions, and those winds carry sand and soil particles from land, causing further irritation.

As a result, surfers' eyes are pretty much under attack all the time and may develop pterygium or surfers eye, a condition in which a non-cancerous growth of fleshy tissue appears on the surface of the eye.

Read the full article about surfing with contact lenses on the Surfer Today website.

In summary and after reading the pros and cons of surfing with contact lenses the following options for Vision Correction in the Surf are suggested

  • If you're a surfer who does not have perfect vision, the wisest option is to put the contact lenses aside and find a safer alternative.
  • The good news is that there are several options for those who need eye correction in the surf.
  • Only a few surfers use them, but swimming goggles with adjustable straps provide protection to those wearing contact lenses.
  • There are also prescription goggles and surf sunglasses with tethers designed to keep them close to you all the time.
  • The market offers floating sunglasses with highly buoyant frame materials, polarized lenses, and ultraviolet protection.
  • You can always go out for a surf with your regular glasses, but that is only a wise option in minimal wave conditions.
  • Ultimately, laser surgery is a popular corrective vision procedure for those with healthy eyes.