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ZEISS Now Gives you -12.5 Reasons to SMILE!

SMILE laser vision correction has revolutionised laser eye surgery by being able to correct high levels of short sightedness (myopia) previously not commonly treated with laser. And now thanks to ZEISS, SMILE is able to treat patients with higher levels of myopia (-10D) and astigmatism (-5D) with an overall treatment potential of -12.5D.

This means SMILE vision correction can help remove or reduce a person’s dependency on glasses or contact lenses who for so long thought laser eye surgery was out of reach due to high myopic prescriptions and astigmatisms.

ZEISS is at the forefront of the 3rd generation of laser vision correction with SMILE, a procedure that is redefining refractive laser surgery as we know it.

At Laser Vision SA in Adelaide and we have helped hundreds of people find a new found freedom from glasses and contact lenses. To find out if you are suitable contact Laser Vision SA for more information and book a complimentary consultation.