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Answers to common questions

Dr Graham Fraenkel and the refractive team at Laser Vision SA provide answers to most FAQs in the short videos below

Questions about the procedure

Laser Vision Correction refocuses your eye for clear vision by altering the shape of the clear front of your eye, the cornea. The laser does this by removing a very fine layer from the centre or periphery of your cornea.

At Laser Vision SA we offer all three generations of vision correction. 1st generation PRK/ also known as surface laser, 2nd generation Lasik and 3rd generation SMILE: the most advanced in Laser vision technology.

Laser vision correction can be performed where appropriate on patients from age 18 to 80.

Yes, with monovision when one eye is in focus far away and the other in focus for close work. It sounds strange, but for most people, after a few weeks practice, the brain blends both together together well. An alternative is clear lens extraction, similar to cataract surgery, with trifocal lens implants.

Yes. Astigmatism may be corrected by all methods of vision correction including laser vision correction or lens implants.

It is almost impossible for your vision without glasses or contacts to be worse after laser vision correction.

No one has gone blind with modern laser vision correction. So instead we talk about the risk of being only able to see 2 lines higher on the letter chart even with optical aids. The risk of this is said to be one in one thousand.

No. Drops numb your eye. They work better than you can imagine. You may feel a little water or gentle pressure around your eye but pain is rare. Most patients say laser vision correction was more weird but more quick and comfortable than they imagined.

The 10 year studies following 1000s of patients show that for the vast majority modern laser vision correction does NOT wear off. This idea relates to the very early days of laser vision correction more than 20 years ago.

Waiting times, costs and payment plans

Depending on availability and after a consultation with Dr Fraenkel, patients can usually have the procedure done within 1-3 weeks after their consult.

Costing varies depending on the type of procedure that is recommended. You can expect to pay between $2,500 per eye - $3,400 per eye.

During and after the procedure

Patients spend approximately 10 minutes in the laser suite, most of that time is getting patients comfortable on the laser bed.

No you can not drive home after your surgery, as initially your vision will be hazy and may still feel the effects of you pre surgery Valium. We suggest you arrange for someone to drop you off and pick you up. Alternatively, a Taxi or an Uber.

The vast majority of patients can return to normal daily duties the following day. If you have had Lasik or SMILE, legally you can drive 24 hours after their procedure has been performed. If you have had PRK, just waiting a couple days longer till you can drive.

Patients are required to follow some post op after care. These include a series of eye drops. Patients are provided all eye drops and instructions when they come out of the laser suite. One of our staff members will also go through these instructions with them. You will also find the sheet is colour coded for ease.

Yes Dr Fraenkel will almost always see you at your first day 1 consultation less than 24 hours after your laser vision correction. He may then delegate some of your aftercare to another clinically qualified member of LVSA staff, but will always be next door if there are any concerns. In addition Dr Fraenkel is available during office hours through Laser Vision SA, and after hours via an emergency after hours care number you will be provided with in your post laser instructions.

For SMILE and LASIK you can usually go back to screen work the next day. However for many people it can take 5 days or so for their brain to adjust to their new distance vision.

During those 5-7 days it can be more challenging to read your computer and phone. Then your brain gets with the program for reading