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SMILE Laser Vision Surgery Melbourne

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery is currently available to Melbourne patients with a short two day stay in Adelaide Laser Vision SA can provide the option of SMILE

Laser Vision SA was the first vision correction practice in South Australia to offer all laser Lasik and is now the first to offer SMILE - the new paradigm in laser vision correction. SMILE is currently not available in Melbourne.

SMILE has the least possible post-procedure discomfort, with the fastest return to sport, driving, makeup and other activities of any vision correction procedure. SMILE is also the most pleasant to receive with only 23 seconds per eye of totally silent laser that you don't feel, hear, see or smell.

If we can get sufficient data from your optometrist in advance (prescription history and where possible corneal topography) most patients only require one pre-operative and one post-operative visit

Generally our “pre-approved” Melbourne patients may on the Thursday morning for preoperative assessment, have surgery Thursday afternoon, are checked Friday morning, and go back home over the weekend.  Follow up appointments can be made with your own optometrist 4 weeks later.

Of course you can always stay over the weekend for a further check Monday morning after you have enjoyed Adelaides many restaurants, festivals, nearby wine regions or sporting events.

There is always the small chance that we cannot proceed with the procedure because of a finding with higher detail diagnostic equipment here that optometrists don’t usually have, but this is quite rare.

To discuss the SMILE laser vision correction procedure with our qualified SMILE ophthalmologist please contact us.