Laser Vision SA Reception Area

Sophie's Smile Story

This is a fictitious story representing a patient’s journey through SMILE laser vision correction.

Hello! My name is Sophie. I had been thinking about getting laser vision correction for many years. I don’t like wearing glasses and contact lenses have always been such a fuss with containers, solutions, hand washing, poking your eye morning and night, etc etc. And I felt so vulnerable with blurred vision without them. 

So I really wanted vision correction. But I was scared too. Could I go blind? What if I moved? Would it last? Does it hurt? 

Then a friend told me about their experience at Laser Vision SA and how, even though they had still been a little bit anxious, she found the staff there really comforting and reassuring. The whole thing was nowhere near as bad as she thought it would be. 

So I went to visit Laser Vision SA and this was my journey.

Making an appointment was easy. You can do it on their website or phone them.

The first thing we all want to know is whether we can have vision correction. After looking through all my scans and data Dr Fraenkel told me I was suitable for SMILE. I learned SMILE is great for short sighted people who can see without glasses clearly close up but not far away. One “cold” laser only, no noise, no smell and the laser itself is only 28 seconds!

Dr Fraenkel is quite unique in that he has actually had the SMILE procedure himself, so he knows exactly what patients are going through. And now he has performed nearly 3,000 SMILE procedures, as much as any individual eye surgeon in Australia.

The day of my SMILE procedure turned out pretty much exactly like Dr Fraenkel said it would.

After confirming who I was the really nice staff gave me a small Valium tablet to help me relax. “Preflight gin and tonic” Dr Fraenkel calls it. After about 15 minutes they took me to a special room next to the laser room. There they put drops to numb my eyes and antiseptic around them. I was then shown into the laser suite. There Dr Fraenkel was talking to me the whole time, telling me what I would feel and the few small things to do to help him get the best result for me. It was over so quickly and was much more quick and comfortable then I thought it could be. Dr Fraenkel said that’s what most people say. 

That night I could already see a lot better though it was still a little foggy. 

The next morning I could drive to my appointment with Dr Fraenkel. It was still a little bit hazy around the edges, but Dr Fraenkel said that would go in a week and I could do anything I wanted to apart from no swimming for a day. That’s the great advantage of minimally invasive SMILE. 

Now it’s a month later and I’m so pleased. It’s the best thing I ever did.