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Modern-day contact lens are very safe (if used as recommended by your eye specialist). However wearing contact lenses puts you at risk of several serious conditions including eye infections and corneal ulcers.

Modern-day contact lens are very safe (if used as recommended by your eye specialist). 

However studies show you may be more likely to develop eye problems from wearing contact lens than from having laser eye surgery. This is because...

  • Touching your eyes each day to put in your contacts carries a risk of infection including microbial keratitis, which is a serious ocular problem that can lead to sight-threatening conditions if not appropriately treated. According to the scientific studies, the risk of sight compromising infection is 1 in 500 for extended wear contact lenses, which is actually higher than the risk of undergoing laser eye surgery; this risk goes down by a factor of five to 1 in 2,500 for daily disposable lenses (The British Contact Lens Association). In comparison, the risk of infection with laser eye surgery is about 1 in 10,000.
  • Wearing contact lens can also put you at greater risk of corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis and corneal abrasions.
  • Since contacts cover the surface of your eye creating a barrier, contact lenses restrict oxygen from entering the eye,
  • Dry eye may be exacerbated by contact lenses, which is the reason why many contact wearers suffer from dry eye. This is a growing issue many contact wearers, especially for those who work at a computer or use a screen for several hours a day.