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 Occupation Freedom

Good vision is not necessarily a requirement for many occupations, although it will make most jobs safer. There are a number of jobs where perfect vision is essential.

Many occupations require certain standards of vision to be met without glasses or contacts. Examples are careers in:

  • Defence services
  • Emergency services such as fire, paramedical and police
  • Commercial airline pilots

Other trades and construction work are much more easily undertaken with out dirt and dust affecting contact lenses or glasses such as:

  • Carpentry, electrical, plumbing
  • Construction
  • Mining

To secure your dream job, it is important to consider that some industries have strict health and fitness standards, which requires you to meet specific vision standards. To list a few, firefighters, the police force, paramedics, commercial airline pilots, construction workers and designers are some of the many professions that require clear vision in order for you to successfully carry out the tasks of your role and in some cases to meet the regulatory industry requirements for health and safety reasons.